ASIAN SAKE FESTIVAL is an event that aims to revitalize the Japanese sake market in Asia by providing an opportunity to taste and enjoy the rich flavors of Japanese sake in international cities in Asia.

In FY2021, we plan to hold “Sake Tasting Seminars and Blind Tastings” mainly for consumers and tasting events for professionals in Singapore.

From FY2022 onward, we aim to conduct sake tasting seminars and blind tastings mainly for consumers, as well as large-scale tasting events and professional tasting events in international cities in several Asian countries.

In FY2023, we held the Asia Pacific Sake Award and the Business tasting for professionals, and the Public Tasting and the Sake Fiesta for consumers in Singapore.

ASIAN SAKE FESTIVAL executive committee

Chairman : Haruo Matsuzaki
Chieko Fujita
Akiko Shibata
Kazuki Koizumi

Cheong Tack Wai
Karen Tan

ASIAN SAKE FESTIVAL Executive Committee